Arabic Grammar

Photo taken at 21/08@1500 after "majlis cukur jambul"

“Kat Bawah ni Dina nak ajar “kata ganti diri” dalam Arabic,jd kalau kwn2 dah pandai cuba praktikkan cakap “Ana” dgn Umi&Abi kwn2 yer!”

Arabic Grammar

  • I am is translated in Arabic by the personal pronoun anā أنا II am happyanā saʻīd.
  • Personal pronouns
    I anā أنا
    you (msg) anta أنتَ
    you (fsg) anti أنتِ
    he huwa هُوَ
    she hiya هِيَ
    we naḥnu نحن
    you (mpl) antum أنتم
    you (fpl) antunna أنتن
    they (m) hum هم
    they (f) hunna هن
  • You (fpl) and they (f) are little used in everyday language.
  • ah final in an adjective, as in a name, is a sign of femininity. It is pronounced with a slight aspiration.
  • To ask a question, just :
    • place hal هل at the beginning of a sentence : are you glad? hal anta masrūr?
    • accentuate the last syllable.


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